The Importance of Business E-mailers and Tips on Writing a Great One!

The Importance of Business Email Correspondence

The email channel is still one of the most useful features of the Internet. Why? First, let’s look at some email statistics. According to Statista, there are currently around 4 billion email users, with this number expected to grow to around 4.48 billion by 2024. People prefer email for business communication because it is easy to access from a mobile phone. It’s simpler, and they believe they’re more adaptable during the day. Aside from that, according to 99firms, 85 per cent of users check their emails on a smartphone.

Business E-mailers

Email is an excellent support channel.

Contrary to popular belief, email is a fantastic open platform. Many people assumed that with the proliferation of new communication systems, it would decline, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In an article for Forbes, Momchil Kyurkchiev writes, “as marketers push forward into the unfamiliar territory of data-driven customer engagement, email is not faltering — it’s just getting its second wind.”

As a result, it cannot be killed because it represents a different model than the closed ecosystems that are proliferating on our computers and devices. In a good way, it’s like a cockroach crawling around the internet. Its overall experience has been transformed as a result of all the changes that have occurred around it. Email is not dead; it has simply become unbound.

The Internet’s Best Thing Is Email

Email is a great support structure for many other things because it was developed early in the history of the commercial internet. Furthermore, it remains the foundation upon which the internet is built. Before Facebook became a viable alternative for verifying one’s identity on the internet, a valid email address was the primary means of accessing any online service. For example, if you wanted to verify a bank account, you had to do so through email. What about other services, such as Amazon or online forums? A valid email address is required for everything. On the Internet, it is still the primary communication channel for business and direct social communication. As a result, professional email communication is required.

Email serves as a digital package delivery service as well. The ability to attach files to your email message is critical to its productivity. Can you imagine the internet without the ability to attach files to a conversation? Although email is far from the ideal medium for transmission and storage, it remains the primary channel for business communication. It has also become much smarter and easier to use while still maintaining ubiquity and interoperability. When you’re trying to write a business e-mail, these things come in handy.

It is not necessary to promote email as a product. It looks great on mobile devices and renders quickly, which is its main advantage. Alexis C. Madrigal makes an excellent case for the value of email as a business channel:

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